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Tampa Airport Post Office

The Tampa Airport Post Office plays an essential role in the map for all travelers and residents. Whether one needs to mail postcards from a vacation, ship gifts or products to a friend, or need official envelopes to send documents to a business partner, this post with its offers is conveniently located. It is located in Tampa International Airport and guarantees you do not have to leave the airport to meet your postal requirements.

Location/Operating Time/Official Website

The Tampa Airport Post Office is strategically located at:

Address:  Tampa Airport Post Office 5503 W Spruce St, Tampa, Florida, 33607, United States.

Airport Website: https://www.tampaairport.com/

Working Hours:

Monday8:00 am. to 6:00 pm
Tuesday8:00 am. to 6:00 pm
Wednesday8:00 am. to 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am. to 6:00 pm
Friday8:00 am. to 6:00 pm
Saturday8:00 am – 3:00 pm

These hours apply for those who might wake up early in the morning and those who require the service in the late afternoon; it is well-placed for travelers and residents.

Services Offered

The Tampa Airport Post Office offers a comprehensive range of postal services designed to meet various needs: 

1. Mailing Services:

First-Class Mail: In both standard letters, postcards, and parcels.

Priority Mail: Express deliveries for the documents and products that are deemed to be of vital importance.

Express Mail: Clients can request urgent delivery within the shortest time possible, which can be done through overnight delivery.

International Mail: Services used to transmit letters and parcels to other countries.

2. Shipping Services:

Parcel Post: Maryland Hosts Radiant Technologies Facility, Economical ground shipping for oversized packages, Electronics.

Media Mail: Special Carriage Rates for Books, CDs, and Other Media.

3. Additional Services:

PO Box Rentals: Mailing addresses for rent, but is fully secure and has privacy for the own address.

Certified Mail: Another familiar issue clients encounter when dealing with business firms is the proof of mailing and delivery of vital documents.

Registered Mail: The physical level of security for valuable items and personal belongings.

Money Orders: Credible and efficient transactions from one account to the other.

Accessibility and Convenience

Located at Channel side Drive, the Post office is strategically located near Tampa International Airport’s main terminals; therefore, it is convenient, especially for those who intend to post something before boarding a flight or waiting for a flight to depart. Signs within the airport lead you to the post office, and there is no specific confusion one is bound to get when looking for it.

Parking: The airport is easily accessible because there are many places where one can park a car if he is a driver. This post office has been constructed close to the short-term and long-term parking zones, enabling people to access them quickly.

Security: The post office’s accessibility inside the airport is another advantage because the airport has extra security features for all customers.

Customer Service and Support

Tampa Airport Post Office is incorporated with customer service since it is essential for most people. Cordial and professional employees are always ready and willing to help clients decide on the type of service to take and explain the rules for mailing items to other countries. They can also assist with wrapping and the best packaging techniques to ensure your items are well-secured for transit.

Contact Information: In case you wish to send a mail, you can do it to Tampa Airport Post Office at

Phone: +1  813 – 879-4309

Website: USPS Tampa Airport Post Office

Special Features

1. Business Services:

Bulk Mailing: This is appropriate when a business requires mailing numerous outgoing messages. Going for a service that enhances the business’s mailing capabilities is a wise move, as it will cater to the business’s mailing needs in one way or another.

Direct Mail Services: In function of marketing campaigns, both in the design and mailing phases.

2. Philatelic Services:

Stamp Collecting: Stamp collectors can collect stamps from certain days, such as special and celebration stamps.

3. Mail Holding and Forwarding:

Hold Mail Service: Do not accumulate your mail if you are out of town; instead.

Mail Forwarding: Forward your mail to a new address if you’re moving

Why select Tampa Airport Post Office?

Choosing the Tampa Airport Post Office offers several advantages: 

Convenience: It is situated in Tampa International Airport, which makes it favorable for those who need a post office while in Tampa.

Comprehensive Services: As a primary mail service to delivering and shipping needs and other business solutions it has all you need regarding postal services.

Customer-Oriented: Hinged on customer satisfaction, the cordial team makes it easy for customers to get what they want.

Accessibility: It is easily navigable, has good parking, and has easy-to-follow airport signs. It is convenient.


The Tampa Airport Post Office is not just a simple mailing center but a post office with numerous services offered to customers. Whether you are a tourist writing a postcard, an organization with large assignments on standardized mail delivery, or an individual needing a post office for personal letters, this office provides favorable conditions, services, and assistance. Tampa International Airport is a great place to visit the next time you pass through it because of its excellent strategic positioning and various services.

FAQs (Tampa Airport Post Office)

What are the working/business hours of the Tampa Airport Post Office?

Working hours are from Monday to Friday and Saturday from 8:00 to 3:00 PM. Only live dancing is performed each night, and the venue is shut down on Sundays. These hours are ideal for morning heart-starters and late afternoon business, which is advantageous for visitors and residents.

What services does the Tampa Airport Post Office provide?

These stations offer First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, International Mail, renting of Post Office Boxes, certified mail, registered mail, and Money Order services. Other services include business mail posting, philately, and mail services where mail is received and held before being forwarded the next business day.

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