Caribbean Airline Baggage Rules 2024

Caribbean Airline Baggage Rules

Airline often requires passenger to learn and suggest the Caribbean Airline Baggage Rules set by the airline. For passengers flying with Caribbean Airlines in this year, it is base to be associated with their appropriate baggage policies to check an intact and untroubled journey.

This guide provided an all encompassing overview of Caribbean Airlines’ baggage rules as well as covering everything from carried on and checked baggage to particular, items and fees.

Carry On Baggage Allowance

Caribbean Airlines baggage allows passengers to bring a sure sum of carried on luggage on board. The rules for carried on luggage are as follows:

Dimensions and Weight Size Limit: Each carried on bag must have not exceeded the dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches 56 x 36 x 23 cm , including handles and wheels.

Weight Limit: The maximal load for a carry on bag is 22 pounds 10 kg .

Number of Items 

Economy Class: Passengers was allowed one carried on bag and one inward item, such as a handbag as well as laptop bag,’ or small backpack. 

Business Class: Passengers was allowed two carried on bags and one inward item.

Personal Items 

Personal items should have were small plenty to fit under the seat in front of you. Examples of inward items include: 

  • Handbags 
  • Laptop bags 
  • Small backpacks 
  • Briefcases 
  • Camera bags 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked luggage fitting varies depending on the fare class and route. Here are the details: 

Dimensions and Weight Size Limit: The maximal dimensions for checked luggage are 62 direct inches 157 cm length + width + height. 

Weight Limit: The load limit for checked luggage varies: 

Economy Class: 50 pounds 23 kg per bag 

Business Class: 70 pounds 32 kg per bag 

Number of Bags

Economy Class: Passengers are loosely allowed one checked bag. However,’ on certain routes, two checked bags may be allowed. 

Business Class: Passengers was allowed two checked bags.

Excess Baggage Fees

If your luggage exceeds the allowed load or size limits, or if you need to check additive bags, surplus luggage fees are applied. The fees vary based on the route and the specifics of the baggage.

It’s prudent to check Caribbean Airlines’ situation or contact their customer care for the most correct and fashionable fee information. 

Special Items and Equipment 

Caribbean Airlines also accommodates passengers traveling with exceptional items and equipment, such as sports gear,’ liquefied instruments, and aesculapian devices.

Sports Equipment Bicycles: Must be packed in a bike box or bag. A fee may have applied if it exceeds the received luggage allowance.

Golf Clubs: Treated as a checked bag, provided they fall inside the load and size limits. 

Scuba Gear: Must be right packed. Scuba tanks must be empty, and a fee may have applied. 

Musical Instruments: Musical instruments can be carried on board if they fit inside the carry-on luggage dimensions and load limits. Larger instruments must be checked and may incur additive fees if they exceed the received luggage allowance. 

Medical Equipment: Passengers needing to Travel With MEdical equipment, such as CPAP machines,’ should have contacted Caribbean Airlines in promote to make demand arrangements. These items are loosely allowed without additive fees but must be packed according to the airway is guidelines. 

Baggage for Infants and Children

Caribbean Airlines provides allowances for infants and children traveling with parents or guardians.

Infants Under 2 Years 

Carry On: Parents can bring an additive small bag for babe necessities. 

Checked Baggage: One checked bag up to 50 pounds 23 kg was allowed for infants traveling on a lift is lap.

Children 2 Years and Older 

Children have the same luggage fitting as adult passengers, based on the fare class. 

Strollers and Car Seats

Strollers: One ambler was allowed free of accommodation and can be checked at the gate.

Car Seats: One car seat per child was allowed free of charge. Car seats can be checked or used on board if a seat has been purchased for the child.

Prohibited Items For the recourse of all passengers 

Caribbean Airlines has a list of prohibited items that cannot be carried on board or in checked baggage. These include: 

Explosives Fireworks and flares, and other volatile materials.

Flammable Items: Gasoline as well as ‘ frivolous fluid, and sure aerosols. 

Weapons: Firearms as well as ‘ ammunition, and other weapons as well as unless right declared and packed in conformity with airway regulations.

Chemicals and Toxins: Bleach, pesticides,’ and other grievous chemicals. Passengers should have checked the full list of prohibited items on the Caribbean Airlines situation to check compliance.

More info Now: Airlines Office Address

Tips for Packing and Traveling

To make your run have with Caribbean Airlines as intact as possible, view these tips: 

Check the Rules in Advance: Always check the modish luggage rules on the Caribbean Airlines situation or by contacting their client service. 

Weigh Your Bags: Before heading to the airport, weigh your bags to check they follow with the load limits.

Label Your Bags: Clearly label all your bags with your name, address, and encounter information. 

Pack Smart: Use packing cubes and compressing bags to maximize space and keep your attribute organized.

Secure Fragile Items: Use belch wrap or clothing to blow frail items in your checked baggage. 

Carry Essentials in Your Carry On: Always keep base items such as medications, run documents, and valuables in your carry-on bag.

Arrive Early: Allow extra time for checked in as well as peculiarly if you have surplus luggage or exceptional items. 


Understanding and adhering to Caribbean Airlines’ luggage rules for 2024 helped check an intact and hassle-free run experience.

Whether you are flying for concern or leisure, being prepared and informed about the luggage policies saved you time and avoid unexpected fees at the airport. Remember to check the modish updates on the airway situation before your trip,’ as policies could change.

Safe travels!.

FAQ (Caribbean Airline Baggage Rules)

Can i take sports equipment with me?

Yes Sure we can bring

Are there fees for excess package?

Yes There is a fees if the package size exceed The limit

Can i bring stroller with me for my child?

Yes, You can bring it with additional charges.

Are there any restriction for items to Carry?

Ans: Yes, Highly Explosive Items Like Crackers, etc are not allowed in airlines.

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