Honolulu Airport Post Office: What You Should Know

honolulu airport post office

When in Honolulu, there are great places to explore, with breath-taking views, a great cultural extravaganza, and beautiful costs. Nonetheless, for visitors who just have to go through the Honolulu International Airport, having a post office at the airport saves the day. To help you on your next visit, this blog will focus on the Honolulu Airport Post Office and give all the relevant information.

Honolulu Airport Post Office serves the Daniel K Inouye International Airport or the Hawaiian Islands.

Inouye International Airport. It serves the postal needs of passengers and the general public. As a post office, it serves traveling individuals, airport employees, and people who need to post letters/parcels or deal with other postal necessities without exiting the airport premises.

Services Offered

Mail and Package Sending

With services ranging from postcard mintage to mail forwarding, the Honolulu airport post office has it. They offer a range of services, including. 

Priority Mail: They should be fast and efficient in terms of delivery.

Express Mail: This is for orders and shipments that must be delivered in the shortest time possible, which may mean within a day.

International Shipping: For posting goods and items to another country.

P. O. Box Rentals

In addition, for frequent travelers or those who desire to have their mail delivered to a post office box, the Honolulu Airport Post Office offers rented P.O. Boxes. This particular service helps protect the mail as it can be collected as soon as the client desires.

Passport Services

Are you planning an international trip? The Post Office in the Honolulu Airport also offers services for passport applications and renewals. This is very advantageous to people who sometimes find themselves in a dilemma as they prepare for their travel by arranging documents that are sometimes hard to come by.

Additional Services

Other post office services still include money orders, certified mail, stamps, and other packing material sales. The post office also provides tracking services to help you know the prepared parcels in transit.


Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8  to 4 pm and 9 am to 1 pm, respectively. It does not work on Sundays and public holidays.

It should be noted that the establishment of the Honolulu Airport Post Office highlights numerous advantages:


Avoiding the need for a separate visit to the city also saves time for people who have to be at the airport anyway. This is especially true for business people who have to deal with sensitive documents that they require to be transmitted as soon as possible or tourists who wish to forward apparel or gifts back home.


The services offered at the Honolulu Airport Post Office are convenient for most consumers’ busy schedules. What is even better is that there is no need to run around the city in search of a post office—all the necessary options can be found at the airport.

Reliable Services

Honolulu Airport Post Office has been classified under the United States Postal Service (USPS), marking the provision of professional postal services. You can confidently receive and deliver your emails and packages in good time.

Some of the strategies that could help when using Honolulu airport post office include:

Plan: The next thing to consider is the post office’s working time so as not to rush at the last minute.

Bring Necessary Documents: When applying for a passport, there are some requirements for producing documents and identification.

Use Priority Services: For more sure deliveries, Priority or Express Mail services can be used for urgent consignments.

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Honolulu Airport’s post office is not only one of the essential service points inside the busiest airports in the United States but also needs to be noticed by the public. With such services as mail, package delivery, and applying for a passport, this store benefits travelers. Regardless of one’s status as a tourist, a business person, or a local living in Honolulu, the post office at Honolulu Airport is widely believed to be the only place to handle all post service matters in the airport.

The next time you are in a hurry to go on a trip starting from the Honolulu International Airport, take notice of the services provided by the Honolulu Airport Post Office.

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