Iceland Air In-Flight Entertainment: Enjoy a Premium Experience

Iceland air in-flight entertainment

When you book with Icelandair, it’s not just a ride to the destination. It’s also a comfy and fun one. In this case, Iceland Air offers spiritual entertainment to its customers. It comes in diverse forms. They can fill the free time of the trip well. This guide aims to understand what sets apart Iceland air in-flight entertainment system. This way, you can make the most of your time.

A Comprehensive Entertainment System

1. Personal Screens

Icelandair’s airplanes have facilities. Every passenger has his or her own screen. This makes the experience rather private. These high-resolution screens enhance the experience of watching movies and TV shows. They make it easier to watch them.

2. Easy Navigation

The idea guides the establishment of Icelandair’s in-flight entertainment system. It is that it should be easy to use in the airplane cabin. This makes it easy for the passengers to locate and choose what they want to be entertained by. The controls of this HDTV are touch-screen. They are sensitive to touch and make using them enjoyable.

Diverse Movie Selection

1. Latest Blockbusters

Iceland air in fight entertainment services include a range of the newest Hollywood movies. Most genres have new movies, so action, romance, comedy, and drama fans will be pleased.

2. International Films

Apart from a list of Hollywood movies, they also have a list of International movies. The list includes European, Asian, and other movies. This lets passengers see the world’s movie collection, even when they are on the plane.

3. Classics and Family Favorites

If you admire classical movies or movies for the entire family, you will be glad you chose Icelandair. The movies on the entertainment system are old-fashioned and animated. But, these movies are for everybody.

Shows and Series

1. Popular Shows

Iceland Air offers TV shows in its in-flight entertainment. They include series from various channels and genres. You can follow your shows or meet new ones during the flight. They can be dramas, comedies, or real-life spectacles.

2. Documentaries

Icelandair has documentaries on nature, history, and science. They’re for viewers who like programs shown in schools. These documentaries are useful and interesting.

Music and Audio Content

1. Music Albums and Playlists

Music lovers will be in their heaven realizing that Icelandair flights have an array of audio selection. The system includes music albums and playlists. It is organized by genre, such as pop, rock and roll, classical, and jazz. You can have a classical concert with beautiful melodies. Or, you can have the new pop hits. This place offers both.

2. Audiobooks and Podcasts

Icelandair also has an audiobook and podcast list for customers to select from. These audio options are for passengers who listen more than watch. They enjoy hours of programming on many subjects.

Interactive Games

Iceland Air’s in-flight entertainment features interactive games for gamers. These games feature various icons and symbols. They include normal puzzle games and card games , as well as other challenging games for everyone in society. They are for both the laid-back and those who consider themselves ‘gamers’.

Kid-Friendly Entertainment

1. Dedicated Kids’ Section

Having a separate kids’ section in the in-flight entertainment branding of Iceland Air assists in the case of children. This section contains movies for children. It also has educational animated TV shows for each passenger.

2. Parental Controls

Iceland Air caters to young travelers. It has enabled parental control on the moving images for safety. Parents have an old and efficient way of regulating what their children watch. They decide what shows are healthy for their eyes.

Additional Features of Iceland air in-flight entertainment

1. In-flight Wi-Fi

Icelandair and many of its’ aircraft’ also offer in-flight Wi-Fi, so you will not be disconnected on a flight. This service may be a working lunch. It’s for waiting for a meeting or flight. Or, it’s for catching up on work, emails, or talking to family and friends back home. Remember, it may cost money. So, contact the carrier to see if this service is available on the date of the flight and the cost.

2. Charging Ports

Iceland Air has charging ports and USB outlets for each seat. They let you charge personal gadgets during the flight. This is especially effective on long-haul flights. Most people travel with their gadgets. Charging these ports ensures that the gadgets are fully charged for use.
Enhancing Your In-Flight Experience

3. Bring Your Headphones

Although Iceland Air offers headphones, customers may prefer earphones. They are more comfortable and have better sound. Noise-canceling headphones are much more effective. They reduce cabin noise and make entertainment more engrossing.

Plan Your Entertainment

While waiting for your flight, check the entertainment selection on Icelandair’s website or app. It takes about five to ten minutes. This allows you to schedule what you wish to watch or listen to, maximizing all the time you have on the plane.

Stay Comfortable

When going for entertainment, ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Find a comfortable position to sit. You have been given pillows and blankets, so feel free to use them and drink plenty of water. A comfy passenger is a happy passenger. This makes it more likely that you will enjoy your in-flight entertainment.

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Iceland Air’s in-flight entertainment is full. It has many movies, TV shows, and music. It also has games for those who wish to pass the time playing. Its interface is good. The display and offer selection make your flight with Icelandair as comfortable as possible. If you are flying for work or fun, the good news is that when flying with Iceland air in-flight entertainment, you are in for a fun and comfy flight.

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