Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Flight schedules undergo frequent updates, requiring knowledge of Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024. Ethiopian Airlines, based in Ethiopia, provides a flexible cancellation policy to meet clients’ needs. It is crucial to know all of Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy. This will prevent any inconvenience.

The Cancelation Policy of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines flight cancellation policy aims to help passengers. This policy applies to many cases. Passengers cancel orders voluntarily. The airline cancels orders involuntarily based on the fare or ticket type. Here’s a detailed look at the critical aspects of the policy:

Voluntary Cancellations

Voluntary Cancellations Flyers must be able to do so since circumstances might lead them to cancel a flight. Ethiopian Airlines’ cancellation policy allows voluntary cancellations under the following conditions:

  1. Within 24 Hours of Booking: You will receive a full refund if you cancel a ticket through the online agency within 24 hours. This applies to flights to or from the United States.
  2. After 24 Hours of Booking: The total amount for an early cancellation depends on the flight’s fare rules up to 24 hours before the flight. Purchased ticket. Some tickets, depending on the price they were bought at, may be non-refundable. In such cases, people get credit for future travel, not cash back.

Involuntary Cancellations

Ethiopian Airlines cancels a flight due to operations, weather, or other unforeseen reasons. Passengers have specific rights:

  1. Full Refund: Passengers can get a full refund if the airline cancels the specific flight.
  2. Rebooking: Passengers are offered the option to reroute on the next Ethiopian Airlines flight free of charge.
  3. Compensation: Passengers may also have some rights to cancel a flight due to involuntary events, according to certain circumstances and the regulations of their destination country.

Fare Rules/Tickets Ethiopian Airlines

Fare Rules/Tickets Ethiopian Airlines offers various fare classes and ticket types, each with specific rules regarding cancellations and refunds:

  1. Economy Class: Economy Class tickets often have a higher carbon footprint. This is because refundable tickets in this class come with a fee. But, the airline may not refund the lower-fare tickets for this class.
  2. Business Class: Business Class tickets are well-known for their flexibility. Cancellation fees are much lower; depending on the fare, one may get a refund.
  3. Promotional Fares: Tickets bought under these promotions consequently come with some conditions that cannot be flexible. Unlike most tickets, you cannot refund or alter these tickets in most cases.

Process of Ethiopian Airlines’ Cancellation Policy

To Cancel a booking with Ethiopian Airlines, passengers can follow these Steps:

  1. Online Cancellations: Go to the Ethiopian Airlines official website, the Manage My Booking section, type in your booking reference number with your last name, and click on the option to Cancel the ticket.
  2. Contacting Customer Service: Customers reach Ethiopian Airlines’ customer care services through phone calls or emails. You can cancel this. The reps can explain it to the clients and ask if they can get a refund.
  3. Through Travel Agents: Also, the passenger must contact the agent if a ticket was issued through a travel agent or a website. They need to do this for cancellations and refunds.

Ethiopian Airlines Refund Process

Once a cancellation is confirmed. The refund process typically follows these steps:

Refund Request

Return the item and ensure you have completed an online refund form or contacted the company’s customer service department. Please provide details relevant to identifying the booking, such as the booking reference and passengers identification data.

Processing Time

Such refunds usually take a long time to process. In most cases, Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy refund processing time is between 7 and 20 business days. However, this might take a long time and will happen at the end of the season or when there are many cancellations.

Method of Refund

We process refunds in the same manner as payments. If you pay with a credit card, we will credit the refund. However, We also informed you that refunds for other forms of payment, like bank transfers, will be processed similarly.

Special Considerations

Ethiopian Airlines’ cancellation policy offers additional provisions for exceptional circumstances:

  1. Medical Emergencies: Medical emergencies can occur occasionally, and passengers receive a refund or free cancellation with a valid certificate.
  2. Bereavement: You need proof copies if a passenger or an immediate family member dies, and you need them to waive or fully refund fees.


Ethiopian Airlines’ cancellation policy is vital for customer care. It reduces the hassles of changing travel plans. Knowing the details of the rules and processes helps with decisions and a smooth interface. Also, It is useful when one needs a refund, to reschedule a flight, or to make other changes. You should check the fare rules for your ticket at a given time. For help, contact the relevant airline, Ethiopian Airlines.

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